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Brian Paul Lamotte (b. 1984, San Francisco, USA) is an independent graphic designer & educator specializing in art and photography books.

Educated in graphic design at London’s Central St. Martins, he established his creative practice in New York and is currently based between Milano and Zürich.
Charlie Engman — Cursed (SPBH Editions)
Brigitte Vasallo — Monogamous Mind, Polyamorous Terror (SPBH Editions)
Alanna Fields — Unveiling (Meteoro Editions)

Matthieu Nicol (ed.) — Fashion Army (SPBH Editions)
Charlie Engman — Hello Chaos, a Love Story: The Disorder of Seeing and Being Seen (SPBH Editions)
Sam Ashby (ed.) — Little Joe: A book about queers and cinema, mostly (SPBH Editions)
Carmen Winant — The Last Safe Abortion (SPBH Editions)
Lucas Olivet — Medicine Tree (Skinnerboox)

Kim Beil — Anonymous Objects: Inscrutable Photographs and the Unknown (SPBH Editions)
Brigitte Lustenberger — An Apparition Of Memory (Hatje Cantz)
AOUMM x Giovanna Silva — MOTLATSI: The Visualization of Landscapes and Rituals (SBPH Space)
Christine Hume, Whitney Hubbs, John Keene, Emma Kemp, John Lucas, Mark McKnight and Claudia Rankine — Blind Dates & Reunions (ITI Press)
Foto/Industria Biennale 2023 — GAME (Fondazione MAST)
Joseph Desler Costa — Say Yes (SPBH Editions)

Catherine Taylor — Image Text Music (SPBH Editions)
The Racial Imaginary Institute — On Whiteness (SPBH Editions)
Lucas Olivet — Bon Vin (Images Vevey)
Paige Landesberg (ed.) — Performing Documents: Modes of Assembling (Center for Book Arts)
Triennale Milano — Il Corridoio Rosso (SPBH Editions)
Caleb Stein & Andrea Orejarena — Long Time No See (Jiazazhi)

Lucy Helton & Aaron Stern (ed.) — OK, No Response (Twin Palms)
Alan MacWeeny —My Dublin 1963 // My Dubliners 2020 (Lilliput Press)
The Photobook Review 020 (Aperture)
Foto/Industria Biennale 2021 — FOOD (Fondazione MAST)
Lorenzo Melloni — We Don’t Say Goodbye (GOST)
Ross McDonnell — Joyrider
Duncan Campbell — To Be Determined: Photography and the Future (SPBH Editions)
Carmen Winant — Instructional Photography: Learning How to Live Now (SPBH Editions)
The Photobook Review 019 (Aperture)
Timothy Taylor / Rose Easton — Reconfigured (Timothy Taylor)
Pro Helvetica — Swiss Photobook Today at MATCA (Vietnam)

Charlie Engman — MOM
(Edition Patrick Frey)