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Małgorzata Stankiewicz — Lassen

Texts by Danaé Panchaud and Krzysztof Candrowicz
Editor  Delphine Bedel

Comprised of unique, large-scale c-print composites, Lassen is a topographic and polychromatic exploration of natural landscape; an experimental investigation of the analogue chromogenic process as a metaphor for the current environmental crisis.

As a publication, Lassen explores the aesthetics and boundaries of the medium of photobook and attempts to bypass the limitations of conveying an image within its form.

Inspired by the process of offset printing and echoing the fragmentary form of the c-prints, each of the images has been printed as an entire offset sheet which was then cut and bound to form signatures.

As a result, the images are featured only partially with each of the spreads being composed from various parts of the entire print but never revealing more than two consecutive parts.

22.6 x 30 cm
208 Pages with Fold Out Pamphlet
24 Color Plates

4-Color Offset at Argraf (PL)

Print Production
Aneta Kowalczyk

Munken Print White 1.8
and RecyStar Nature

OTA Softbound with Flaps

Nib by Colophon Foundry

Published by Meta/Books
of 500
ISBN 978-90-821182-7-8 


Background image and select process images courtesy of Małgorzata Stankiewicz
Installation image courtesy of Photoforum Pasquart