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US Open 2016
(Sports Graphic)

Featuring Jason Polan, Daniel Arnold & Gus Powell

US Open 2016 is a set of zines which features the work of three artists and their experiences with the US Open, held annually in September in New York City. Arnold and Polan’s approach is a straight forward documentation of their attendance to the event where Powell’s features outtakes from ball boy/girl trial held before the tournament.

Sports Graphic was a collaborative publishing project between Brian Paul Lamotte (PWP) and Sam Cate-Gumpert (Peradam) which focuses on the cross section of sports & art.

All publications are produced in an open edition of one year to coincided with the event in which they are published for.

(3) Booklets
5 ½  x 8 ½ inches
20/24 Pages

Printed On Demand via SmartPress.com

Various Papers

Saddle Stitched with Three Hole Punch

Published by Sports Graphic
Open Edition (One Year)