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Charlie Engman — Cursed (SPBH Editions)
Brigitte Vasallo — Monogamous Mind, Polyamorous Terror (SPBH Editions)
Alanna Fields — Unveiling (Meteoro Editions)

Matthieu Nicol (ed.) — Fashion Army (SPBH Editions)
Charlie Engman — Hello Chaos, a Love Story: The Disorder of Seeing and Being Seen (SPBH Editions)
Sam Ashby (ed.) — Little Joe: A book about queers and cinema, mostly (SPBH Editions)
Carmen Winant — The Last Safe Abortion (SPBH Editions)
Lucas Olivet — Medicine Tree (Skinnerboox)

Kim Beil — Anonymous Objects: Inscrutable Photographs and the Unknown (SPBH Editions)
Brigitte Lustenberger — An Apparition Of Memory (Hatje Cantz)
AOUMM x Giovanna Silva — MOTLATSI: The Visualization of Landscapes and Rituals (SBPH Space)
Christine Hume, Whitney Hubbs, John Keene, Emma Kemp, John Lucas, Mark McKnight and Claudia Rankine — Blind Dates & Reunions (ITI Press)
Foto/Industria Biennale 2023 — GAME (Fondazione MAST)
Joseph Desler Costa — Say Yes (SPBH Editions)

Catherine Taylor — Image Text Music (SPBH Editions)
The Racial Imaginary Institute — On Whiteness (SPBH Editions)
Lucas Olivet — Bon Vin (Images Vevey)
Paige Landesberg (ed.) — Performing Documents: Modes of Assembling (Center for Book Arts)
Triennale Milano — Il Corridoio Rosso (SPBH Editions)
Caleb Stein & Andrea Orejarena — Long Time No See (Jiazazhi)

Lucy Helton & Aaron Stern (ed.) — OK, No Response (Twin Palms)
Alan MacWeeny —My Dublin 1963 // My Dubliners 2020 (Lilliput Press)
The Photobook Review 020 (Aperture)
Foto/Industria Biennale 2021 — FOOD (Fondazione MAST)
Lorenzo Melloni — We Don’t Say Goodbye (GOST)
Ross McDonnell — Joyrider
Duncan Campbell — To Be Determined: Photography and the Future (SPBH Editions)
Carmen Winant — Instructional Photography: Learning How to Live Now (SPBH Editions)
The Photobook Review 019 (Aperture)
Timothy Taylor / Rose Easton — Reconfigured (Timothy Taylor)
Pro Helvetica — Swiss Photobook Today at MATCA (Vietnam)