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Marcia Resnick — Re‑visions
(Edition Patrick Frey)

Editor  Stephanie Rebonati
In 1975, while driving her car in Manhattan, Marcia Resnick became embroiled in a car accident and her entire life flashed before her. When she awoke in the hospital, she began to think about all of the events which led to her being there. She began to write ideas and draw pictures considering her life thus far, in preparation for creating a new book.

In 1978, her poignant and ironic, autobiographical book of staged photographs about female adolescence, Re-visions, was first published by The Coach House Press in Toronto. Re-visions is a collection of revisualizations of memories, often revised to augment the irony and humor of the human condition.

The words and pictures are equally important; they feed off each other working in concert or in discord to form the narrative. Andy Warhol called it “Bad,” and according to Allen Ginsberg it was “Sharp…for a girl.” Now, 41 years later, longtime friend Lydia Lunch pays homage to the second edition of Re-visions: “A sweet twist which whispers in mysterious tones predicting the delicious perversion of a budding adolescence.”

28 × 21.8 cm
104 Pages
48 Plates

4-Color UV Offset at Graphicom (IT)

GardaPat 13 Kiara

Siltext Moiré

Casebound with Foam Insert,
Foil Stamp and Tip-On

Frauen by Sharp Type

Published by Edition Patrick Frey
Edition of 800
ISBN 978-3-906803-93-7


Background images courtesy of Edition Patrick Frey